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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hair product samples from the Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2013

 Sample hair products from the Afro Hair and Beauty Show

A selection of product samples and some of the hair products I received from the Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2013, which took place at the Business Design Centre in Angel, London in May 2013.

Hair product samples from the Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2013

I have stated many times that I like to attend events, so, sometimes I will make a video or two about what I thought of it.

Activilong argan and keratin shampoo

In my view, product samples help to increase sales and is kind of like free advertising for the company mainly because once a customer samples your product and likes it, they will certainly go out and buy the full sized product. I have been introduced to many quality hair and skincare products just from trying out a small sample first.

Organic root stimulator nourishing conditioner

Some of the samples on the video are:

Activilong natural touch conditioning hair milk

Activilong vegetal hair gloss pomade olive

Activilong Actiliss smooth heat protection smoothing serum Argan oil and Keratin

Organic Root Stimulator olive oil moisturisers

Organic Root Stimulator olive oil heat protection serum

Organic Root Stimulator olive oil creamy aloe shampoo

Miss Jessie's Baby butter creme

Dove colour radiance conditioner treatment

TRESemme naturals nourishing moisture conditioner

Various samples of Thermal Radiance Organics heat protection products

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Afro Hair and Beauty Show May 2012 Feedback and Some Pictures

I was at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show held in May of this year. The last time I attended the show was in 2009. For the past few years the show has been held at the Design Centre in Islington. For many years they have held the Afro Hair and Beauty Show at Alexandra Palace in Wood Green , North London. The very first show we attended was at Alexandra Palace and was the best show I had ever been to, now this year's show was not as good as that show, but I must say it was very impressive this year. Although the venue is smaller, I think this had it's many advantages. It is easier to access by tube, the nearest station is Angel, and we came away with a lot more samples of products, which would later bring more sales for these companies.

The gorgeous ladies from Black Beauty Magazine 

I really enjoy going to these shows, and events such as this. It is always a chance to meet and talk to new people and of course sample, and maybe buy some new products for the hair, skin etc
The show had something for everyone and I must say I left feeling extremely happy, we had lots of samples, a few new hair and skin products. This year, there were many more products for people with natural hair who do not use any chemicals in their hair, so the ladies and gents with the kinks, curls, afros and waves. I know that the last time I went people were saying that there were not enough products for people with natural hair.
The only criticism I can make is that there was no food at the show, which was surprising because I think they would have made lots of money over the two days of the event. Lucky for us, there were tastings of my favourite drink, Supermalt, so at least we didn't get thirsty after walking around.

Here are some pictures from the show. I took lots of pictures and will be adding the rest shortly.

Taliah Waajid's Black Earth Products - For curls, waves and naturals

Hair by Sleek

Shea Goodness Shea Butter Products

Shea Goodness

Officially Natural Products Stand - For kinks, curls and waves

More cosmetics

Natural Products - Cocoa butter, shea butter soaps, creams and hair products

Models in carnival costume

Miss Jessie's staff giving away product samples

Miss Jessie's Products and stands - Products for Natural Hair - Mumma's marvelous medicine for hair 

Antonia on Black Beauty Magazine Front Cover

Picture and editing by Danny DaCosta Studios at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show
(No my skin is not bleached, it's the photography lighting)

I have to explain everything I post online in fine detail as the people who stalk me all over the Internet religiously think that my skin is bleached.

My hair is flat ironed in this picture above.

Me wearing an Eternally You Watch

London Fire Brigade

Lipavenu cosmetics - Developed by a law student who couldn't find a job (she decided to set up her own business instead. She formulated and designed these lip glosses)

I Grew It Long stand 

Diane - Author of I grew it long

 A lady I met at the show, she had her hair flat ironed with Organic Thermal Radiance Products

 Hair Flat Ironed with Organic Thermal Radiance Products

Eternally You Watches - Lego style watches designed with country flags

Eternally You Watches Demonstrator

Dickson's Pure Shea Butter 

Brent Fostering and Adoption Stand - Please consider adopting a child

 Brent Fostering and Adoption

Black Beauty - Stage Performance 

Afro Hair and Beauty Show 

 Black Beauty and Hair Magazine stand

Sensationnel Hair

Sensationnel Hair Poster

Mahogany natural
Handmade organic hair, bath and body products for all hair and skin types

Mixed Chicks

Braids and naturals

Seminars and talks

Mazuri Natural Curls and Olive oil hair products

A Timeless Culture Bags

Doris Michaels Make-up

Danny Da Costa Studios 

British Heart Foundation 

Nyxon Tongs, Hairstyling Tools and hair Gels

If you went to the Afro Hair Show, then leave me a comment

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