Thursday, 29 January 2015

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Monday, 17 November 2014

NHS patient confidentiality broken SIX times a day!

NHS patient confidentiality broken SIX times a day!


Based on what I have seen, information passing through the Internet, I believe it.

Friday, 7 November 2014

UPDATED: Missing person: Reneisha Brown

I saw this on Facebook a few days ago.....Reneisha Brown, a missing 14 year old girl from North London.
Call the police if you know where her whereabouts.

I thought that I would post it on my blog as I find it shocking and disgraceful that this has not even been televised on the news.

Just wanted to post an update....

I was reading in the Voice Newspaper that Reneisha has made contact with her family and the Metropolitan Police have also confirmed that she has been found safe and well.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Please Donate to Jelani's Neck Surgery Fund

Came across this fundraiser for this little baby called Jelani who needs money for neck surgery, he was born with a large mass on his neck. Thought that I would post it here. Please help if you can.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Antonia's preventing homelessness fundraising

Comment - Monday 18th August 2014

So, I have noticed for quite some time that my Gofundme website has been hacked by criminals....The Gofundme people have not been helpful at all in rectifying the situation when I emailed them.....So, do not donate to this website.

Hello friends, supporters and wellwishers,

I am trying to raise money as my house has been repossessed fraudulently and unfairly by the bank. Some people who have been following this story will know exactly what I am talking about as these people have been hacking my computer, harassing me and monitoring my every move. 

This is not a sob story, but if you can help I will appreciate it very much. I am not a greedy person, therefore any funds that are surplus will be given to various other homeless charities. If you have any comments you can leave them below, or you can call me if you have questions. 

Well, I am not going to sit by idly while they rob me....I have struggled over this property for years to just throw in the towel and let rob me like this.
Thanks for any help you can give.


Make mobile donations to Antonia

You can now make payments to me through your mobile phone. I set up my paym in order to receive money through my mobile.

My number is: 07539063500 (UK)

To read more about it visit:

New boiler - Cost me £2000 to buy this boiler and have it fitted and gas safety checked

Cowboy job on the flat roof - Cost me £1500 to have the flat roof roof professionally repaired and fitted, a two-day job.

I had lost my job at the University where I used to work as a Learning Resources Assistant, otherwise I would have fixed it if I had the funding to do so.
Now these greedy fools from the bank want to steal my house from me....And that is just typical of these vultures to fleece and rob people all day long.

This is what a proper flat roof job is supposed to look like.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Steamed snapper fish with vegetables and fried rice

Steamed snapper fish with vegetables and fried rice

Please leave a comment of what you think of my latest meal.

Thank you.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Antonia's contact page


Email: beautyhealthzone[at] (my original account) or beautyhealthzonetoni[at] (cloned account which I can access)

Phone: 07539-063-500 (EE/T-Mobile) or 07974-789-160 (giff gaff) (UK) - Antonia (Toni)
The second number is now on the giff gaff network - Free calls between giff gaff numbers.

Thank you to all the online angels and good people out there who help to keep track of my blogs.

So, I have had to create this contact page because I am not sure if visitors to my blog are able to see the information posted in the sidebar.

If you are trying to contact me, you can communicate in various ways, send me an email, but you can call me on my mobile phone if it is urgent. If you get my voicemail then try my other phone.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Best and Most Effective Natural Pain Relievers

The Best and Most Effective Natural Pain Relievers


I came across the above website, No hype holistic health solutions while doing a search online for natural pain relief a few days ago. I have no pain relievers here, so I was wondering if any of the natural remedies I have in the house would do the job.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Home security- Burglary in West Norwood in 1988.

I had posted this comment on a YouTube video, unfortunately when I looked in the comment section I cannot find it there but it is still on Google plus, I'm not sure how Google sort their products.

Anyhow, this is the story which I have now posted on my blog.....

When I was 12 years old in 1988 and living in a part of London called West Norwood, I came back from my secondary school in Balham, La Retraite High school for girls, I also attended Charles Edward Brooke school for girls, just so you know.....Anyway, I arrived at the home to find that our house had been burgled and everything including piggy banks with our savings, bedroom slippers and toilet roll had been stolen.....They had ransacked the place from top to bottom.....We did not have a telephone so I had to run to the library in West Norwood to call the police and afterwards I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my mother to arrive with my other siblings, it was about 4.00 p.m. in the afternoon.......My mother was surprised to see that our passports and birth certificates were left behind, although I guess anyone with influence and access could just copy the passport numbers and birth certificate numbers and go and get copies......According to the information I know now, the person(s) who burgled us were involved in organised crime, prostitution and identity theft.

The police did not turn up for hours, even then they were useless.....If they had attended in time they could have taken fingerprints and found the criminals.

Would actually be good to get the facts instead of trying to piece together strands of information.

And  we had suspected the people living upstairs had some involvement in this crime since they were always at home indoors jobless and claimed that they saw nothing of the burglary which happened in the daytime right under their nose.

Then the sister who lived upstairs tried to fight my older brother and attacked him while she was pregnant (tell me is this a responsible person) and had the gall to claim that he had hit her when she came flying with nails and everything to attack my brother who was a teenager at the time.

It is good to have decent neighbours instead of living near to riff raff, thieves and criminals who want to steal other people's things, that is a matter of fact.

One of many reasons why I also have no sympathy for criminals who trespass into other people's homes when they get what they deserve......In some countries, you trespass where you haven't been specifically invited into people's homes and they are allowed to defend their home, self and property with deadly force.

Some people work hard while other people want to steal what you have struggled for....Why should that be the case?.....A load of rubbish if you ask me, allowing people to commit heinous crimes against innocent people and get away with it over and over again.

And here people want to talk to me about peace.....Well, tell the troublemakers to stand down....It's that simple.

UK with it's riff raff culture, paedophiles, criminals, nutcases, thieves etc in an educated country.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A message to my blog readers

A message to my blog readers.


Beautyhealthzone and Beautyhealthzoneblog are both my domains, which I have had now for a number of years. I am female, a woman, not a man, and I have never been a man for your information. I write this blog alone meaning there is only one person who is supposed to be editing the blog, myself.

I noticed the switchover of my blog/Google channel in November/December 2012....Another problem is the person hacking my computer and blogs fiddling around with my settings and SEO, obviously this is a professional criminal.

Similarly, I have had problems with my Google plus account as well....To cut a long story short, some people came aboard my desktop and claimed that my blog had been hacked, my computer has been hacked by various people over the years, so since I was having this problem anyway I knew that he/she was probably right......The person who was on my desktop indicated that I needed to reset my password which I did, I checked my email there were various messages which I read, next thing I know my blog was switched over to another.....I noticed some changes but I wasn't aware that I had been locked out of my blog and was now apparently sharing my channel with someone else, so it would appear.....I renamed one channel as clone so that I could identify which channel was the copy of my original blog....I appear to have access to both my original and clone channel intermittently, they keep fiddling around and switching my channels......I get so angry and frustrated about it.

As I have stated on previous occasions, I have had my blogs hacked and edited multiple times by a man and woman, who in my view, happen to be thieves, Internet robbers and crack fiends impersonating me on the Internet....I don't want to be nasty, but these people have hatched a number of plans and schemes to rob me in various ways and it is a very long story which I don't really have time to explain at the present time, it even got to the point where I have been stalked offline by these people.

At the same time, I know that some people have tried to help by giving assistance and support, so I do not want to get these people mixed up with the villains.

Please ask questions if you are unsure instead of jumping to conclusions and spreading false information about people.

Thank you for your cooperation, 

Antonia (Singular)

Cardiac Arrest versus Heart Attack Infographic - American Heart Association

Cardiac Arrest versus Heart Attack Infographic - American Heart Association


I think it is very important to maintain a healthy beating heart, regular activity and exercise helps to keep your heart ticking as it should, your diet also plays a role in keeping your heart working as it should.

For a healthy heart I take the following vitamin supplements:

Co-enzyme Q10

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