Thursday, 3 April 2014

Home security- Burglary in West Norwood in 1988.

I had posted this comment on a YouTube video, unfortunately when I looked in the comment section I cannot find it there but it is still on Google plus, I'm not sure how Google sort their products.

Anyhow, this is the story which I have now posted on my blog.....

When I was 12 years old in 1988 and living in a part of London called West Norwood, I came back from my secondary school in Balham, La Retraite High school for girls, to find that our house had been burgled and everything including piggy banks with our savings, bedroom slippers and toilet roll had been stolen.....They had ransacked the place from top to bottom.....We did not have a telephone so I had to run to the library in West Norwood to call the police and afterwards I was standing at the busstop waiting for my mother to arrive with my other siblings, it was about 4.00 p.m. in the afternoon.......My mother was surprised to see that our passports and birth certificates were left behind, although I guess anyone with influence and access could just copy the passport numbers and birth certificate numbers and go and get copies......According to the information I know now, the person(s) who burgled us were involved in organised crime, prostitution and identity theft.

The police did not turn up for hours, even then they were useless.....If they had attended in time they could have taken fingerprints and found the criminals.

Would actually be good to get the facts instead of trying to piece together strands of information.

And  we had suspected the people living upstairs had some involvement in this crime since they were always at home indoors jobless and claimed that they saw nothing of the burglary which happened in the daytime right under their nose.

Then the sister who lived upstairs tried to fight my older brother and attacked him while she was pregnant (tell me is this a responsible person) and had the gall to claim that he had hit her when she came flying with nails and everything to attack my brother who was a teenager at the time.

It is good to have decent neighbours instead of living near to riff raff, thieves and criminals who want to steal other people's things, that is a matter of fact.

One of many reasons why I also have no sympathy for criminals who trespass into other people's homes when they get what they deserve......In some countries, you trespass where you haven't been specifically invited into people's homes and they are allowed to defend their home, self and property with deadly force.

Some people work hard while other people want to steal what you have struggled for....Why should that be the case?.....A load of rubbish if you ask me, allowing people to commit heinous crimes against innocent people and get away with it over and over again.

And here people want to talk to me about peace.....Well, tell the troublemakers to stand down....It's that simple.

UK with it's riff raff culture, paedophiles, criminals, nutcases, thieves etc in an educated country.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A message to my blog readers

A message to my blog readers.


Beautyhealthzone and Beautyhealthzoneblog are both my domains, which I have had now for a number of years. I am female, a woman, not a man, and I have never been a man for your information. I write this blog alone meaning there is only one person who is supposed to be editing the blog, myself.

I noticed the switchover of my blog/Google channel in November/December 2012....Another problem is the person hacking my computer and blogs fiddling around with my settings and SEO, obviously this is a professional criminal.

Similarly, I have had problems with my Google plus account as well....To cut a long story short, some people came aboard my desktop and claimed that my blog had been hacked, my computer has been hacked by various people over the years, so since I was having this problem anyway I knew that he/she was probably right......The person who was on my desktop indicated that I needed to reset my password which I did, I checked my email there were various messages which I read, next thing I know my blog was switched over to another.....I noticed some changes but I wasn't aware that I had been locked out of my blog and was now apparently sharing my channel with someone else, so it would appear.....I renamed one channel as clone so that I could identify which channel was the copy of my original blog....I appear to have access to both my original and clone channel intermittently, they keep fiddling around and switching my channels......I get so angry and frustrated about it.

As I have stated on previous occasions, I have had my blogs hacked and edited multiple times by a man and woman, who in my view, happen to be thieves, Internet robbers and crack fiends impersonating me on the Internet....I don't want to be nasty, but these people have hatched a number of plans and schemes to rob me in various ways and it is a very long story which I don't really have time to explain at the present time, it even got to the point where I have been stalked offline by these people.

At the same time, I know that some people have tried to help by giving assistance and support, so I do not want to get these people mixed up with the villains.

Please ask questions if you are unsure instead of jumping to conclusions and spreading false information about people.

Thank you for your cooperation, 

Antonia (Singular)

Cardiac Arrest versus Heart Attack Infographic - American Heart Association

Cardiac Arrest versus Heart Attack Infographic - American Heart Association


I think it is very important to maintain a healthy beating heart, regular activity and exercise helps to keep your heart ticking as it should, your diet also plays a role in keeping your heart working as it should.

For a healthy heart I take the following vitamin supplements:

Co-enzyme Q10

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Guest Post: Battle Depression… The Natural Way

This is an article and guest post by Eve Pearce on how to battle depression. From time to time, writers will send me their articles to post on this and various blogs.

Thank you for reading and leave any comments you have below.

Battle Depression… The Natural Way

Depression or anxiety affects nearly one in every five adults in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics. Those facing a greater risk include women, adults aged 50 to 54, those who are divorced or separated, the unemployed, those without a supportive network of family or friends, and persons who are unhappy with their health. Carers for the ill or disabled and the elderly are also more likely to fall prey to depression and/or anxiety.

Depression, Anxiety and the Youth

Depression and anxiety do not only affect adults; indeed, one in 10 children in the UK aged between five and 16 suffer from mental health disorders; nearly 80,000 children and young persons, meanwhile suffer from severe depression. Over the years, the statistics are growing at an alarming rate; the organisation Young Minds, for instance, reports that the number of depressed youths aged 15 to 16 nearly doubled between the 1980s and the 2000s. Mental illness can have serious consequences, including increased hospitalisation owing to episodes of self-harm. Many depressed persons obtain unnatural highs from new designer drugs like bath salts, which artificially increase levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, resulting in cravings which are hard to curb once the ‘high’ is over. Bath salts (mephedrone), made from the psycho-stimulant cathinone (which hails from the Catha edulis plant) damage the brain’s ability to respond to serotonin over time, often resulting in serious mental illnesses like severe depression.

Depression and Anxiety: Best Therapies

Treatment for depression and anxiety is varied, with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) proving to be a popular choice among therapists. CBT involves encouraging patients to recognise how their thought patterns affect their behaviour and vice-versa. Often, a therapist may encourage a patient to change typical behaviours in order to observe how changed outcomes can affect the patient’s thoughts and feelings regarding a person or situation. Alternative approaches include meditation, yoga and the use of essential oils like lavender, which produce a state of calm when diffused throughout a room, applied topically or even consumed in healthy foods like raw chocolate. The citric oils (mandarin, bergamot, lemon, to name a few) are known to ‘lift’ the mood and to instil a sense of joy.

Remedies from Mother Nature

Nature offers us a host of plants that can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. These include:
  • California Poppy: Also known as Eschscholzia californica, this plant, native to the state of California in the US, is currently used to promote relaxation, ease the nerves, and curb symptoms of depression and long-term mental and physical exhaustion. It is so safe and gentle that herbalists often prescribe its use for children. Unlike many common sedatives, this plant does not affect the central nervous system. A typical dose is one teaspoon of California Poppy tincture in half a glass of water, taken twice a day. 
  • St John’s Wort: Over the past two decades, dozens of clinical studies have proven that St John’s Wort is at least as effective as standard drugs used to treat depression and anxiety. Known as ‘Nature’s answer to Prozac’, this beautiful plant bears joyful yellow flowers which contain a scarlet hued oil called hypericin, which battles viruses and is thought to lift the mood; studies have indicated that whole plant extracts work best in fighting mild to moderate depression.
  • Rosemary: A recent study indicates that inhaling rosemary oil boosts brain power. Researchers found that the oil increased brain wave activity, improved the mood and positively affected the nervous system. In a similar study carried out at the University of Northumbria, the inhalation of rosemary oil was found to sharpen mental faculties (improving subjects’ speed and accuracy while carrying out mental calculations) and to have a positive effect on mood.
One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of rosemary oil is to diffuse it (placing around 10 drops of therapeutic grade rosemary oil into a diffuser); you can also enjoy a relaxing cup of tea: just place a tablespoon of fresh rosemary (or 1 teaspoon of the dried herb) in a teapot and add a cup of boiling water. Keep the lid on and leave to brew for a few minutes.

Sam-E: Short for S-adenosyl methionine, SAMe is an amino acid which occurs naturally in our bodies when our health is in an optimal state, but which diminishes considerably when we are suffering from stress, physical or mental illness and nutritional deficiencies. Although trials indicate its efficiency in treating depression, the exact cause for its success is as yet unknown; it is thought that SAMe increases serotonin and dopamine levels in our brain, which improve the mood.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 levels have been found to be much lower in the blood of depressed persons than in those who do not suffer from this condition. A study carried out on nearly 22.000 subjects revealed that those who regularly consumed cod liver oil were 30 per cent less likely of having symptoms of depression than those who did not consume the Omega-3-rich oil. Another study carried out by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, meanwhile, has found that Omega-3 fatty acids may boost the mood of those already diagnosed with depression. It all makes sense when one realises that brain tissue is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids; when we consume too little ‘good fat’ (Omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance in wild Alaskan salmon and sardines), we force the brain to utilise other available fatty acids, which result in inferior quality cells. This, in turn, negatively affects our cognitive and emotional functioning. It is vital to include a healthy amount of Omega-3s in our diets, and to consider supplementation if necessary. More top sources of Omega-3s include mussels, rainbow trout, flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Banana pineapple and orange smoothie with ice cubes

The latest smoothie I have put together.

This one is a banana, pineapple and orange smoothie.

Watch the video and leave your comments.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to Determine if Someone Is a Sociopath

How to Determine if Someone Is a Sociopath


Personally, I like to know the types of people that I am dealing with, so I tend to read these types of articles so that I can learn....I am constantly learning all the time, and so should you the reader....Very useful article on the traits and behaviours to look for in sociopathic/psychopathic individuals both offline and online.

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How to spot a sociopath

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mental health staff to be based in police stations

Mental health staff to be based in police stations


And no I am not a police officer or volunteer officer either.....I just think that they need to do more for any mental patients they pick up because people deserve to live their lives in peace without harassment from people who are not well, breaking into homes and encroaching upon others.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Characteristics Of Overly Manipulative People.

Tells you about dealing with nutcases....sociopaths and other crazy people and talks about some of the methods that they use to brainwash, harass, victimise and conspire against people, sometimes it is covert and can involve more than one person.

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Juicing fruits and vegetables with my Cookworks whole fruit juicer

Just a short video of me trying out my Cookworks juicer for the first time. It costs £29.99 from Argos.
It's a good budget juicer and can take whole fruits if you are interested in buying one.

It's a good way to get your recommended nutritional values of vitamins and minerals in your diet, easily absorbable. The first thing you notice is your skin will start to look cleaner and clearer, this is telling you that your body is being cleansed from the inside out. Fruits and vegetables are a great way to detox the body. They contain a high water content, so you will be hydrating your body with fresh and natural ingredients and improving your overall health from head to toe.

You can blend in all manner or combinations of your favourite fruits and vegetables for the best flavour for you.

The last time I made some juice, I added the following vegetables....

Celebration Squash (looks like a pumpkin)
Red cabbage

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Wright's Carrot Cake with Grated Carrot

A carrot cake that I baked. It is Wright's Carrot Cake, I added grated carrot to it. The cake mix is very good, just tastes like a regular cake, it just has the right measurements of everything already mixed in.

They have chocolate, madeira and carrot.

You can add fruit like glace cherries, sultanas, raisins, blueberries and other interesting things that you normally add to your cakes.

Next, I want to practice making the icing and cream dressing that goes on top of the cake.

Leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Frustration is....

....Dealing with dumb and stupid people who claim to be clever, but are clearly stupid. You see, we are all clever in different ways, my cleverness is not going to be the same as yours, because I am not you....Do you see?

I am 37 years old, born in London.....Why do I have to be mistaken for everybody but who I really am? This is how a fool works, you tell them 2 they will say 5. Everything is upside down because of fools and morons who do not have a clue what they are doing with their fraudulence and criminality, who think they are clever, but in the wrong way.

Frustration is.... asking me "what really happened" using covert communication.....How exactly do you want me to answer your queries and questions with limited communication when you refuse to talk?

I always find it strange when people say that they want to know something but will go around asking everybody else but you what happened and listening to gossip instead of just asking you first hand. How are you ever going to get to the truth listening to secondhand information. In my view, some people are not interested in knowing the truth.

I can't tell you what really happened if I do not know myself and you won't talk. How are we supposed to move forward when you want to only communicate through second hand communication? Getting on my nerves. All I can tell you is that these people stole my money, tried to steal my house, have been poisoning me and trying to kill me, trying to frame me into crimes of which I know nothing and have been covertly harassing people that I know, and using my money which they were supposed to pay me for ponzi scams....Does this answer your question?

Fraud is....Taking my birth certificate and forging it and then going around trying to pass me off as someone else who arrived in the country as a refugee asylum seeker....How could I be a refugee when I was born in London in the 1970's....Do you see how these banking fraudsters and affiliates are looking to smear the good name of good people over some criminality that is not even their fault? These people have been falsifying and forging evidence for some time now and manipulating evidence to twist the real story telling lies all over the place...The problem is, these lies are being told behind my back so how can I defend myself against malicious and false allegations....This is not even only about me, see the wider picture beyond what I am writing here.

Stupidity is...Thinking you know something, getting it wrong and then failing to have the good sense to effectively communicate to clear up your incompetence, making the situation even worse through the use of subliminal communication and hiding behind a nickname, pseudonym or false identity. The way I see it, if you have something to say and your life depends on it, you will talk instead of being an idiot and not speaking while your life is falling to ruin around you. When simply talking would help to clear up various misconceptions held by various morons who do not even know what they are talking about, while thinking they know something.

Stupidity is....getting your facts wrong and not having the good sense to make things right after making a mess of everything.

Stupidity is....stealing my mobile phone and then thinking that my name is the same as a family member's who gave me their sim card that they did not want.....Do you see your folly when you trespass upon information and get your facts wrong?

Fraud is.....phoning my mother from the tax office, asking her to send in her birth certificate and then falsifying her birth certificate into some fraudulence of which she knows nothing....I would die for my family, let's get this straight right now....We may have our own internal affairs, quarrels and so on, but mind your own business....There are people out there committing crimes and nobody appears to be bothered about this, instead coming to harass my family members.

Fraud is....asking a person to take part in an assault study and then swapping their DNA with the DNA of a person with a history of mental problems, schizopheria and then putting them on 24 hour surveillance while allowing the real mental patient to cause chaos and havoc all over the place. This is known as DNA profiling and DNA theft as well as impersonation.

Fraud is....Bribing the doctors who know something and various police officers to twist a story to suit your agenda because you are a criminal and a thief.

Why are people claiming to be upstanding when they are clearly just criminals in my view.....Hmmm?

Being clever does not entail the use of traditional IQ alone....If you have low emotional intelligence then you will fail at being 'clever' because there is more to it and there are different types of clever....Do you see?

Effective communication is asking for help if you need it from your friends, family and others who you feel may help you. If you don't know facts, why walk around thinking you know something when a simple conversation is all it takes to get to the facts of the matter to clear up confusion....This is what I am saying about IQ......A person with high intelligence knows to use various forms of communication depending upon the situation instead of depending on subliminal and coded communication....Main reason why I say that there is more to it.

Arrogance is...thinking you know everything when we all have a lot to learn everyday....Even a person who is 100 years old is still learning everyday.

I have already clearly stated that I am NOT Michelle, Valerie, Valentina, Valentine, Naomi, Miller, Diva, Hudson, Genevieve, Joy, Elizabeth, Dee, Debbie, Deborah, Phoenix, Jess, Jessica and all these other stupid nicknames of drama lovers on the Internet causing chaos and havoc online and offline, fighting over men, women, old lovers and money online. Grow up ladies and gents.

According to the info I got, Joy is Dee....Do you see?....And I am not Joy....These people were at the house BEFORE I bought it.....A fool cannot investigate anything  if they are foolish.

Mozaiq....This business has nothing to do with me and was BEFORE I bought the house...Do you see?
An idiot cannot investigate anything if they have no sense or are criminal in nature pr their motives are unclean.

Asking questions means you get the answers you are seeking, clearly and concisely, without guesswork. If you do not know something, you should ask.

'She'....I am not the she to which you have been referring to. 'She' and 'He'...This is how the autistic man/woman refers to some people he claims have been taking advantage of him and trying to set him up. He communicates in signs, symbols, subliminals and code. As I have mentioned many times, I have been communicating with a person with special needs, or should I say he/she has been communicating with me online now for some time....Read my blog about what I had said about how I feel about this type of communication. I have always clearly stated that I like to 'TALK' instead of getting embroiled in secret communications and scams online.....Often, using stupid secret communications they get their facts WRONG. If you are genuine, why can't you or won't you talk?....This type of behaviour always leaves me thinking that the person has bad intentions and is not honest in their intentions.

When you get your facts wrong, good people get hurt as you can see happening everyday.

Common sense also tells us logically that several people can have the same or similar name....This does not mean that they are the same person.

Changing names by Deed Poll - I have never changed my name by deed poll. Anyone bearing the same name as me is a fraudster. There is only one me, unless they have cloned me without my knowledge. I have never changed my name and my British birth certificate clearly states my names and gender.

See what happens when you get criminals to investigate something? They will just drag something simple for years because they are criminals with their own agenda.

Occupy - How can I be classified as occupying  house that belongs to me?....Please look up the meaning of fraudulent foreclosure and learn something.....The people from Holmesdale work for the Bank and have had their contractors trespassing into my home to steal and frame me, maybe I have to spell everything out, it's like talking to a child who clearly has more sense than some of these people making decisions today. These people have been trying to rob me blind from day 1. How many centuries does it take to solve one crime? Years, when a moron is dealing with it obviously....Allow criminals to get away while mistaking me for a man and transgendered person....This is stupidity.

Superficial people - Some of these people out here would rather stalk and follow good law abiding citizens around. I have been stalked endlessly by these 'will thieves' who have also tried to claim that my house belongs to them through the art of con, trickery and fraud, digging in my drains and making modifications to my property without even asking me after gaining access to my house through a property management company.

Two of my mobile phones have been stolen, obviously to destroy evidence of fraudulent and criminal communication, while also harassing me online.

I have never claimed to be a model, so following me around to see how I'm dressed then saying that I look 'scruffy' is not my problem....I dress however I want to dress, not to please you.....If I want to go to the shop round the corner to get bread or milk and I don't wear make-up, comb my hair or put in my contact lenses, that is my business, not yours. Superficiality is wanting people to be as fake as you. 

These people are more pre-occupied and obsessed with whether I come my hair while sitting in my own home using covert cameras to intrude and spy on me in my own home while the world crumbles around them. Please get a life.....A fool will always remain to be a fool at any time.

If you don't know what you are doing, then why put yourself in the front as if you do know when you are getting EVERYTHING WRONG and spreading false information about people?

Giving my blog rights over to a thief who hijacked my account makes you a moron, not clever...Let's be up front about this. Each day I am sitting here perplexed due to the fact that mentally ill people are hijacking my desktop and stealing my files. How long does it take to solve one crime?....Centuries when a moron is dealing with it....I am just fed up.

Claiming that I stole a house which is clearly mine is another of the moronic conclusions that I'm talking about wheen I have stated clearly that the Portugal paedophile crew came here through a property management company, making modifications to my property without asking me first, going behind my back and trying to frame me into something of which I know nothing.....Don't put an amateur into a veterans job, that is the reason why our whole world is crumbling beyond recognition, because people would rather believe lies than truth...Bunch of cowardly fools who can't even speak up for what is right because of some coins you are going to receive. This is beyond pathetic.

Hello, how many times do I have to repeat the same thing over and over and over?

The food plot - This is a dark, evil and elaborate plot hatched out by women and men fighting over money and the will of a person who has clearly stated who he/she does not want to receive his or her money. Why are you fighting over someone's money that is clearly not yours, resorting to fraudulent and underhanded tactics to claim what is not yours stealing, forging and telling lies and fibs in order to steal what is not yours?....Desperate people, hacking my computer and stealing financial documents from my home in a plot to defraud and steal.....Stupidity....Apparently, you guys got caught on camera committing crimes, unfortunately, I do not know where these cameras have been stationed or installed....Who is investigating this?...Everything is a secret as usual....Why can't we have transparency?

These people have even resorted to falsifying my DNA to the point where people online are coming to call me a haemaphrodite online when I am clearly female and was born female....See what happens when you put a moron and criminal in charge of sensitive information? Chaos, fraud and forgery in order to steal what is clearly not theirs.....Even resorting to kidnap and attempted murder over someone else's money.....Beyond pathetic....Hacking my computer and coming to fight me over money that is not even theirs in the first place.

These are people I have met through Internet forums, who I have worked with or who have intruded into my life for many years as a result of their work privileges or lived at my house at one point or the other in order to commit fraud and to steal, conning their way in and introducing themselves to my friends or family and making covert threats to people behind my back in order to share out money that is not theirs.

I am NONE of these people I have mentioned above.....These people are clearly trying to drag me into something that I am just confused over seeing as they live for drama and criminality.....Apologies in advance to the innocent ones mentioned there, but I am sick and tired of drama daily and intrusions on to my computer desktop and theft of my files including contact information on my phone.

My blogs have been hacked, hijacked or accessed by either one or more of the above mentioned people, spreading false malicious gossip about me and other people all over the Internet.

Please update your information as I am getting sick and tired of being associated with these people I do not know further than acquaintances on a blog. Only an idiot would continue to associate me with these people when I have stated clearly that I do not know them other than how I have stated above.

I am not a drug user....I am not an alcoholic....If you could read, you would see clearly who has been on drugs and that obviously was not me. Why are you guys trying to corrupt and manipulate the opinions and thinking of people who have not the good sense to think on their own with lies and fabrications, causing chaos?

Being backwards or special....I am not the one who is special, I have clearly stated that that is not me...See what happens when people swap and steal the DNA of people fraudulently?.....I guess we have to go over the same thing hundreds of times if people are slow and can't read, digest and understand the words that they see on their screen. I am not responsible for your lack of understanding and assimilation of the information that you see.

I am not entirely sure who is spreading this false information all over the Internet, but the people obviously have screws loose in their brain to get me mixed up with these women when I have stated clearly that I am none of these people mentioned above....These people with their boring and superficial lives seem to live for drama.

I have already stated that some of the above mentioned individuals may have stayed at my house, through a property management company or before I bought it....Why do I have to repeat the same thing over and over again?

For the purposes of fraud, power grabbing and money making (a will), a set of criminals are trying to associate me with these people who I do not know and ruin my reputation over money.

Only a moron would still associate me with these above mentioned individuals when I have stated clearly who I am not. It's gets really tiring, frustrating and annoying going over the same thing hundreds of times.

If you are going to be a high level decision maker, should you not be a logical and sensible thinker? 
Does it make sense to get me mixed up with people who I am not after rigorous investigations?

The whole world is upside down simply because morons, mentally slow and backwards people are making our decisions for us getting things wrong. They can't and won't communicate by simply talking but want to communicate by subliminal and non-verbal communication, getting things mixed up, you say A, they say D....This moronic behaviour at it's finest....Talking helps you to clarify information that you had mixed up.

It's good to have people in high level decision making jobs who actually know what they are doing, not people who manipulate everything to suit their own twisted agenda....This is why the world is crumbling. Saying things like "you have to go along to get along" reflects the level of moronic decision making that I am talking about. Would you put a thief in charge of a bank for example? Would you put a dog in charge of a butcher shop to guard the meat?

Come on people....Let's use our brains which we were blessed with for thinking sensibly and not just manipulating information how we want it to be to suit your agenda. Nobody wants a fool to make world class decisions....We can do this....Out with fools.

Additionally, one possibly more of these women has mental issues. One or more of these women have hacked my blog and my computer desktop as well, harassing me and getting their goons to harass me, putting maggots in my bin and locking down my computer. You get what you give, if you come to attack me on my desktop, hack my computer and trespass into my home then I'm entitled to bring out my claws....That is just the way I see it personally.

I am black and female, not white .....I am not sure how many times I have to say it since you can clearly see pictures of me and things I have written about myself all over the blog...Even a fool should be able to think quickly and clearly by now....But oh no, drag on, drag on....let's just drag everything for years never to come to a sensible conclusion.

This is the work of a fool....Information is in your face yet you continue to drag your feet on making decisions....Something that should take weeks and months to solve takes years with so called high technology...Will someone just give me a break out here....Talking and effective communication means that there is no way that you can get your facts wrong.

The world is full of fools and morons who claim to be clever....Nobody can know it all, we are supposed to work together to pool our talents for the happiness and wellbeing of everyone.

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